Brittanee Taylor is a Level 1 CrossFit Coach and a competitive athlete in sunny,  Southern California. She was initially drawn to CrossFit because of her gymnastics background. She began gymnastics at the age of 3 and was a competitive cheerleader, holding a 2006 National Championship title.  Brittanee was born with a competitive drive and has always made it a point to be the best. She has been a part of many sports, including club soccer and club volleyball and dedicated her youth to focusing on succeeding in her sports.

Brittanee’s love for CrossFit is evident, and she hopes to inspire others, especially those who may be battling or have had an eating disorder, as she has overcome one herself. She has turned her desire to be skinny into the desire to be strong. Although Brittanee is still considered petite in the CrossFit world, she does not let that stop her from competing against other talented individuals. She is small but mighty! When Brittanee is not coaching or training, she is out photographing on the weekends, traveling the world, and making new friends wherever she goes. 





Kendra is an Ace Certified Personal Trainer and competitive Powerlifter from the lovely mountains of Tennessee. She swam competitively for eleven years and loved it; however, injuring her shoulders during her swimming career and being teased about her size led Kendra to strength training. Learning to rehab her shoulders and get strong in the process was fun!

After Kendra’s first Powerlifting meet, she was hooked. Although coming from an endurance swimming background doesn’t give her the typical strength athlete build, she improves upon it every day.

When Kendra is not training, she likes to hike, cook, and play with her dog. She has a strong passion for nature and the energy food gives us to explore it. Kendra likes to experiment and come up with her own recipes, which helps her to be creative with nutrition. Her journey to strength along with a passion for nutrition has been rewarding, and she hope to inspire others through her endeavors.





Katie Levy is a competitive CrossFit athlete with a recently discovered affection for Olympic weightlifting, a self-proclaimed outdoor adventure addict, and lover of all things that push her outside of her comfort zone. After 13 years as a competitive swimmer, including four years at a Division 1 Ivy League university, she turned her attention to CrossFit as a way to stay in shape for the outdoor activities she loves.

But, as Katie is constantly vying for the title of Most Competitive Human on Earth, it didn’t take her long to realize she wanted to compete in CrossFit and weightlifting. She's a three time CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regionals individual qualifier (2013, 2014, 2015) and four-time Mid-Atlantic and Atlantic Regionals team competitor (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).

An Upstate New York native, Katie  now lives in Philadelphia, PA. When she’s not at the gym, you’ll find her hiking, backpacking, pursuing other passion projects, or taking on any willing opponent in Bananagrams.






Olivia “Livie” Barnett has played sports since the age of 3.  She began playing competitive soccer and added gymnastics a few years later.  She was introduced to Crossfit in 2012 when her mother started taking classes at a local box.  The box offered kids classes, and she was eager to join. She loved what Crossfit had to offer and competed in a few “in-house” and local kids’ competitions.Through Crossfit, Livie developed a love for Olympic Weightlifting and in 2015 decided to focus her efforts there.  In her first competition, she won best youth lifter and qualified for the 2015 USAW Youth Nationals.  She continued to compete in local competitions, winning a numbers of medals, but her greatest accomplishment to date is placing 3rd overall in the 39KG division at the 2016 USAW Youth Nationals in Austin, TX.

As an eighth grader at Westlake Middle School, Livie continues to train in olympic lifting with her sights set on the 2017 USAW Youth Nationals in Atlanta, GA, where she will be joined by a number of her teammates from Downstate Barbell Club.  When Livie is not in the gym, she continues to play other sports she loves, mainly lacrosse and soccer.  Outside of sports, Livie enjoys doing makeup and hair and hanging out with her friends.




Isabella "Izzy" Madori is 13 years old and in 8th grade at St. Augustine's school. She plays basketball and softball, but her passion is Olympic weightlifting, which she began in 2015. Izzy used to watch her parents while they went to their Crossfit classes and decided she wanted to join in. After classes, all the kids would hang around the box and learn the oly moves. Their Coach, Steve Swistak, asked parents if they would be interested in Olympic lifting classes for their children, and that was the start of Izzy’s journey.

Since then, Izzy has competed in five sanctioned events, where she won several medals and qualified for the 2016 Youth Nationals in Austin, Texas. This year she is headed back to Youth Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia and working hard to perfect her form and hit new PRs.







Alexis "Lexi" Jones is a 13 year old Crossfitter and Olympic Weightlifter. After a long time of being uninterested in sports, she decided to take a barbell class after seeing her parents doing it. As a small, bony, out of shape girl, weightlifting seemed out of reach.  Alexis struggled at first, but she quickly found love in the sport, pushed herself to get better and made many new friendships along the way.  At her first competition, she qualified for youth nationals in Austin, TX. This year she will travel to Atlanta, GA for round two. Her goal this year is to have at least a top five finish. Although she has no Olympic aspirations, she focuses on where weightlifting will take her. When not in the gym, Alexis can be found at the pool, with friends, or wherever there are snacks.